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Put the EquityName Team to Work for You

EquityName recognizes that your name should flow from your business’ mission, goals, objectives and positioning vis-a-vis your competitors and external market forces.

We’ll work with you to gain an understanding of your current company, current company strategy, and vision of the future. 

Furthermore, our Naming Team will work with you to understand your company proposition, the benefits your firm provides, and the key elements of your business’s competitive advantage.

An “EquityName” Builds “Name Equity”

Our naming experts are focused on value creation. So we’ll develop a name and identity with staying power.

We offer two options to get you started “Ready-To-Use” Names and Custom Naming Services.

Our “Ready-To-Use” Names are designed to get your company started fast. Check out our inventory or available names and you’ll be set to go within hours. Click here to learn more.

We also offer a range of Custom Naming Services for the development of a name and identity specifically for your firm. Click here to learn more.